Dry hopping your homebrew

Dry hopping can be a very effective method for getting that wonderful hoppy aroma and flavor in your beer. I began this practice a little over a year ago, and combined with a good bittering hop in the boil, provides a good balance of bittering, taste and aroma.


This past batch, the same hop variety was going in for flavor and dry hopping, and I purchased a 2oz. package of plugs.

What a mistake.

I failed to realize that the plugs were larger than the opening of the glass carbouys I use for my secondary, which made it quite difficult to get the dried hops in. I ended up using a butter knife to break the plug in half laterally, and then shoved it through the opening as best I could,  the thinner plug discs allowed for some flex to fit through the opening.

I have no idea how they will perform as far as the flavor and aroma go, but I do know I will make sure I have whole or pellet hops for my next dry-hopping.


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