Natural Wort Chiller

snow-beerIt’s officially winter in New England. Last night, it was 3F outside.

In addition to enjoying heavier homebrews, it’s also time to put away the wort chiller. Nature takes care of that for me now.

I brewed an imperial stout last weekend, and it was a warm evening, around 38F outside. When my boil was over, I wiped down the lid with sanitizer, covered the boil kettle, and went indoors. 4 hours later, it was ready to rack and pitch the yeast. This was nice for many reasons:

  • I don’t have to keep a hose indoors to keep it from freezing
  • I don’t have to stand outdoors in the freezing cold to monitor the temperature of my chilling wort
  • I can save water

I can only imagine that the next time I brew, and it is down around 0, that my wort will cool even faster.


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