Monthly Archives: January 2010

Hopped-Up Amber Ale


This past weekend’s brew was an enjoyable one and a learning experience. Once again, I modified my recipe based on available ingredients. I wonder if there’s a niche for that?

I had intended a brown, but the lack of crystal malt made me rethink my plans, and I ended up doing some kind of IPA/Amber hybrid ale. Who really knows what it is.

This time, I also tried the technique of dumping some un-mashed grains on the top of the mash before batch sparging. As of yet, I haven’t tasted the fermented wort, but my initial experience was that it added a significant amount of aroma of the malt that was unmashed (which happened to be CaraRed).

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Force Carbonating Your Homebrew Keg

This week I kegged a recent brew of mine, and gave force carbing a go. This resulted in a fully conditioned beer available 24 hours after racking it into a keg.

There are many who disapprove of this conditioning process, but if you’re out of homebrew, it’s good to know that you have this option if you want some beer to drink tomorrow.

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