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Brewing With Wheat by Stan Hieronymus

brewing-with-wheatI was recently given an opportunity to read Stan Hieronymus’ new book, Brewing With Wheat. I wasn’t exactly sure what I would find, but I’ve always been a fan of wheat beers, and I was curious to see what a whole book could tell me about them.

Hieronymus begins the book by painting a vivid portrait of German brewer Bernard Kuhn, making wheat beer in a very traditional method, with references to processes that many modern brewers would never consider. This particular brewer does them because it’s the way it should be done. End of story.

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Kate the Great Day

February 28th, 2010, Christie and I departed for Portsmouth, NH. This trip was inspired by an invitation from to come down for a craft beer weekend, which happened to coincide with Kate the Great Day.


For those unfamiliar with KTG, like me prior to that invitation, Kate the Great is an imperial stout. It is made by the Portsmouth Brewing Company, and is a limited release. I thought it would be fun to go down the day before, get a hotel, and get up early to go get some beer that had been hyped up. Continue reading