Dales Pale Ale Clone Recipe

Boil Volume 6.5 gallons
Boil Time 60 minutes
Batch Size 5.25 gallons
Yeast US05/ WY1056/WL001 (75% app. attenuation)

Procedure Single infusion mash 1.5 qt per pound, mash @ 152 F 90 minutes
Centennials @ knockout @ 170 for steeping for 35 minutes, then continue to chill down to 65F

% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain
7.75 American Two-row Pale (Rarh)
1.50 German Munich Munich Light -American
1.50 American Crystal 30L
.75 American Crystal 20L

1.00 Northern Brewer Pellet (60)
1.75 Cascade Pellet (25)
1.00 Columbus Pellet (10)
1.00 Centennial Pellet (0)


One thought on “Dales Pale Ale Clone Recipe

  1. Bill D.

    I was wondering how this turned out? I’ve been looking for a good clone recipe ever since I found the commercial version. Also, what’s the schedule for the hops other than the Centennial? Is it sort of the standard 60 min – 20 min – 10 min – flame-out / whirlpool?

    Thanks for sharing!



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