Dales Pale Ale Clone Recipe

Boil Volume 6.5 gallons
Boil Time 60 minutes
Batch Size 5.25 gallons
Yeast US05/ WY1056/WL001 (75% app. attenuation)

Procedure Single infusion mash 1.5 qt per pound, mash @ 152 F 90 minutes
Centennials @ knockout @ 170 for steeping for 35 minutes, then continue to chill down to 65F

% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain
7.75 American Two-row Pale (Rarh)
1.50 German Munich Munich Light -American
1.50 American Crystal 30L
.75 American Crystal 20L

1.00 Northern Brewer Pellet (60)
1.75 Cascade Pellet (25)
1.00 Columbus Pellet (10)
1.00 Centennial Pellet (0)

1 thought on “Dales Pale Ale Clone Recipe

  1. Bill D.

    I was wondering how this turned out? I’ve been looking for a good clone recipe ever since I found the commercial version. Also, what’s the schedule for the hops other than the Centennial? Is it sort of the standard 60 min – 20 min – 10 min – flame-out / whirlpool?

    Thanks for sharing!



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