Lagunitas Brown Shugga Clone

Recipe from Jamil Zainasheff on the Brewing Network’s Can You Brew It Show

Please listen to the related show if you intend on brewing this recipe, there is a lot more information on the show beyond the recipe

6 Gal. batch
OG: 1.099
FG: 1.023
SRM: 17.5
IBU: ~55
ABV 10.1%

16# American Two Row
3.8# Wheat Malt
1.05# Crystal 60L
1# Munich 10L
0.3# Crystal 105L
0.23# Crystal 150L
0.61# Dark Brown Sugar @ 30min

44g Willamette 4.1% @ 90min
10g Nuggets 12.7% @ 45min
31g Willamette 4.1% @ 45min
3.5g Nuggets 12.7% @ 1min
11g Liberty 4.5% @ 1min
22.5g Centennial 8% @ 1min
21g Cascade 6.5% @ Dry Hop
21g Centennial 8% @ Dry Hop
21g Liberty 4.5% @ Dry Hop

Mash Temp: 155F, Boil Time 90min
English yeast : WLP002/WY1968
Ferment Temp: 64F

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