Stone Levitation Ale Clone Recipe

Recipe from Jamil Zainasheff on the Brewing Network’s Can You Brew It Show

Please listen to the related show if you intend on brewing this recipe, there is a lot more information on the show beyond the recipe

Batch Size (Gal): 6.00
Wort Boil Time: 90 Minutes
Yeast: WL007 English Dry
Ferment at 68F
Mash at 157F

9.37.00 lbs. UK Pale
1.1 lbs. Crystal 75L
.55 lbs. Crystal 150L
.06 lbs. Black Malt

.50 oz. Columbus 90 min.
1.02 oz. Amarillo 30 min.
1.16 oz. Crystal 20 min.
0.39 oz. Simcoe 20 min.
1.50 oz. Amarillo @ Dry Hop


6 thoughts on “Stone Levitation Ale Clone Recipe

  1. Justin

    Thanks for posting this! I listened to the the entire show but right when they were giving the recipe my kids started causing a ruckus! Did you adjust the malt down like Jamil suggested for LME or is this the weight as given for the All-Grain version?


    1. Joel Mahaffey

      This is the all-grain version. If you want to make a partial mash, there are several grain to extract conversion tools online. Cheers!

  2. David

    So how did this turn out? I’m preparing to brew this next weekend and I’m wondering if that recipe was spot on. Nice blog BTW.

    Another Maine Home Brewer.

    Denmark, Maine

    1. Joel Mahaffey

      Hi Dave,

      This was pulled from the Jamil show, and the recipe was formulated with the help of Mitch Steele, the head brewer for Stone. I haven’t made it myself (though I plan to this summer), but I’m sure it’s going to be about as close as you can get without buying it.


    1. Joel Mahaffey

      Dry hopping should be 1-2 weeks, 3 weeks on the outside, depending on what temperature you’re dry hopping at. Colder temps will need a longer dry hopping period, as the extraction process is slower. For reference, upper 60s-70s is warmer, 30s-50s is colder.

      There may be a precise answer from Stone, but dry hopping is a process that seems to be pretty forgiving of my personal schedule, so I usually don’t sweat it too much.


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