Monthly Archives: February 2011

Last summer’s hop crop

hop-flowersI got called out for never doing any kind of follow-up on my hop growing last summer. To be honest, it’s because it was a lot of build-up and anticipation, but being their first year, they didn’t really produce much.

I had 7 rhizomes, 2 of which never sprouted, leaving me with 5 rhizomes. All grew into plants, with all but one growing over 10 feet tall. My Wilammette rhizome only grew about 4 feet in length.

My chinook plant was the only one to flower, but I got busy with some personal events around that time, and by the time I was ready to harvest the 1-2 ounces of flowers I would have gotten, they had dried too much on the bine.

I’m super stoked for this summer’s crop, they should all be juiced up and ready to go after establishing a good root system last summer, and I should start thinking about what I’m going to put into the two empty pots that I have left.

It’s still freezing cold here in Maine, but rhizome orders shouldn’t be far off, and with my indoor setup, I can get started pretty early.